You Can't Escape the AWESOME of Anime: The Unknown, The Spider and WH0000!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Unknown, The Spider and WH0000!!!

Confusing title? Doesn't make much sense, right? WRONG. The day I've had today has been EXHAUSTING! Ugh.....first of all, did I tell you guys? I've got summer school....well I wanted to go to improve my marks but guess what? It was my TEACHER'S fault, not mine, so now I'm stuck in a class that's super easy for 3 hours. It's so boring. But I've got lots of new and awesome friends, so that's a good thing....I guess. (BTW the course is for math.) So, today at the half point break, me and my friends were out on the grass under the shade of a tree, enjoying the breeze and talking about....well what teenagers talk about....I guess. Anyways, I was lying on my stomach on the grass chatting and all of a sudden my friend started to talk at me a mile a minute. "OMG there's a but on ur BACK OMG!!!" She said frantically. Of course my friends wouldn't help me get the bug off, I mean come on it's a bug, noone wants to touch it. I stood up and started to walk around frantically hoping it would shake the bug off. The bug started to crawl up my shoulder. I never actually saw it but it was the size of....a penny, I suppse, from what they showed me with their fingers. So it finally fell off somewhere on the grass. So, that was the 'Unknown', because nobody had any idea what it was or where it came from. So about 3 minutes later, 3 more of my friends came over. Now there was 6 of us. About 5 minutes after that, all 5 of them stood up at once, eyes all wide staring at my back. I'm just like "What?" and then one of them yelled "There's a spider on your back!!!". I'm just like oh, great. I HATE spiders, like deeply. ...most times, anyways. So I started to stand up and walk around franctically again, and it wasn't budgeing. Then it started to crawl up my shoulder and I started to run around. One of them got really freaked out because now it was in my HAIR. So I started to run a round a mile a minute, shaking my head and hair franctically looking like a total idiot, and yelling "Get out, get out, is it gone?!" It took about 5 minutes to get that stupid spider out of my hair.....stupid spider. My friends at one point DID try to get it out with a stick...they said it was hard to see because the spider was brown. Guess what colour my hair is? T_Tlll So, after all of that I told them I was NEVER using this shampoo again. Both bugs went in the same direction, straight for my hair. See the other night I tried out a different version of Head & Shoulders......ah who am I kidding, of course I'm gonna use it again!!! I love what it does to my hair........ So, anyways, that was the Spider part of the title. And now, for the Wh0000!!! And yes, that's zeros, NOT a bunch of Os. So, I was waiting for my brother to pick me up. He can drive and he drops and picks me off/up at/from summer school. So on our way home, on the highway, we were behind this car. My brother started to laugh and said "Hun, look at this guy's license plate." (His girlfriend was in the car.) She looked over and started to giggle. I looked at it said Wh0000. I started to laugh as well. We were behind that stupid blue car for like 5 minutes. I figured it was some kind of young and crazy 20 year old, even thought the car looked like.....well, to put it bluntly, crap. But as we pulled up beside the car, first me and my brother couldn't help but screaming "WHOOOOO!!!"! XD But I caught a glimpse at the driver. Not a 20 year old, but a 60 or 70 year old lady that looked like she was the mother of 3 kids! (Like what my mother will look like in a few years. XD HEAR THAT MOM?!) And I was just First of all, my bad, and second of all, the women wasn't even smiling or anything. Like when you see that Wh0000 you expect a happy and/or excited person! She was almost frowning. Guess you can't be goin' "WHOOOOOOO!!!" all the time. That lady must like to PARTAY! O_O'' So, that was the WH0000!!! part in the title. You understand now?! :D



Here's probably what the bug looked like...

LOL haha! XD

Here's probably what the spider looked like...


OK sadly I didn't get a pic of the license plate....I didn't have a camera with me...D___X
BUT here's what the driver looked like...

OK you know what the lady actually looked older and duller then that. O_O'' Not to make fun just saying....>.>

THIS is what I pictured the driver to look like...


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