You Can't Escape the AWESOME of Anime: Night Owls and a life of Anime?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Night Owls and a life of Anime?

Yes, I know it sounds weird's true. The Night Owl part? Oh, that would be me. Why? Well, for one, it's currently 2:32 AM, and I'd rather stay up to watch my current anime then go to sleep. Who need sleep? .-. For two, I noticed that other day that I'm actually more comfortable in the dark, and sometimes actually see better in the dark, and it takes strain off my eyes. What am I, a vamp? I guess I don't like sunlight too much....I like the night better....anyways, the anime part, was for the fact that I wish life was anime. I wish know, we were anime! Sometimes I try acting doesn't work. .-.'' And in some strange twisted Parallel Universe, I bet that there are anime people watching real people and wishing they were us. Strange how things work out in this existence. .-.

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