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Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's been a really really really long time since last time I posted something on my blog.....whoops. :P Sorry guys. Well, here I am posting another post...and hopefully I'll post more often now. :)

OK, so, here is what I wanted to write about. I found something called the Armonica, and it's probably the most beautiful, most cool, and most rare instrument....ever. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. I love it so much and I really want one now. O_O'' OK so here's a pic of this beautiful instrument...

Isn't it gorgeous? Wanna hear how it sounds? Here, you can do two things...

#1, is go to this page to play a virtual armonica...
#2, or you could go to this page to hear Benjamin Franklin himself play his very own Glass Armonica...(there's a few links at the bottom of the page.......:D)

Another thing that is on this page is two more links at the bottom, one that shows the history of the Harmonica, and the other, that talks about the lady that makes the virtual harmonica possible. Please look at all of this page and listen to the sounds of this beautiful yet forgotton instrument, it's truely amazing and you will thank yourself afterwards.

Thanx 4 reading~

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