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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wow... that was soooo nice...

Just found out the my friend only reads half of what I post because it's too long. I guess it doesn't matter all that much, because she's already heard half of it, but STILL! =.=lll And she calls ME lazy?! This is why I'm the faster typer, potato.

Well, since yesterday's post was SO long, today I'm gonna keep it short and snappy.
*starts to snap with fingers* ;D

I guess I should just move on right ahead to my AOTD, it turns out I AM doing it today. Hey, did any of you guess yesterday's mystery theme? It wasn't that hard... I even figured out afterwards that the name of the theme was accidentally on one of the pictures... oops. ^^

Today's Theme of Art of the Day?
Cuteness :D

By Oborochann on DeviantArt

By CamiIIe on DeviantArt
Teehee, how cute, Rin and Len, two Vocaloids. >w<

You know what's bugging me? When people get Yaoi and Shonen-Ai mixed up.
However many fangirls of Shonen-Ai romance don't know the difference and ALWAYS say Yaoi. I've started to say Yaoi just to stop the confusion, but srsly, there is a difference. Like BIG time. BIG. TIME. O_O

Stay Anime!

PS-Sorry no Shonen-Ai today. ;)
Tommorow though... or in a few hours when the laptop is charged up...

PPS-Does anyone EVER dream in anime? Like, dream of meeting your favourite charecter or something? ...I never have. I DON'T GET IT. I ALWAYS dream about what I think about most in the day, and that (along with poop...) is always what it is!!! So WHY haven't I had any dreams in anime? ;n; How terrible... D'x

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