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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ai Ore

AOTD (Art of the Day)
Theme : Ai Ore (Reason? Read about it below AOTD.)

By sakura07rei on DeviantArt
A picture of Akira, Rui and Ran~ (That is their names, right? Rui and Ran?)

(By same person~)
The blond person is actually a GIRL, beleive it or not and the brown-haired person is a guy, but that one was more obvious. Mizuki and Akira~ < 3


OK, so, I had gotten a new manga on May 3rd (Ai Ore). I'm not sure if I told you guys about that, but I think I did. It's like 300 pages long, and since most of mine are only 160 I was like YEEES. FINALLY, NOT A RIP OFF. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 And it was so freakin'....... awesome... I love it sooooo much... @.@ So when I finished it I was like "Must... go... get... next... volume... NOW!!!", so I went to the back of the book to see the publishing dates and so on to try and guess if it would be out by now. It said May 2011 and I'm like "What... but... I like bought it in May... there's no way...", so I went online to (because srsly needs to start publishing their magazine again and update their website...), and what I saw just... I felt like exploding from frustration and love at the same time. ;n; It turns out, on May 3rd is the DAY it went out in STORES!!! I BOUGHT IT THE DAY IT CAME OUT. I was like OH, COME ON!!! I mean it's kinda cool to be one of the first to ever have the english copy, and on the day it came out too but...! I mean, I HATE waiting!!! That's two series in a ROW that I bought the first volume of, and the second one isn't out yet!!! I can't even find a release date... ugh kill me now... X_X' BTW, here's Mayu Shinjo's official website (the author and illustrator of the book, if you care), if you wanted to check it out.
It's kind of awesome because it's all in japanese and everything but at the same time it's NOT because I can't READ IT. But the pictures are very lovely. Yes, very lovely indeed. >w<
So now you can see why the theme of AOTD is Ai Ore. :)

OK, now to talk about... well, today. So the whole entire day I wasn't at school. It was Track and Field day, so I was like PSSSHHHTT NO. >:l So I stayed home, as well as my other two best friends (they stayed home too). I kinda have this thing going on with my foot it's very painful so I can never participate in gym... so to sit out the whole day would've been pointless, so of course I didn't go. It would be SO boring. Instead I get a long weekend. :D Kind of.

Me and my best friends were thinking of going to one of our houses and hanging out the whole day while everyone had a horrible time. :] But none of my friends called me, so I figured none of them wanted to go. It's OK. I was too lazy to get dressed... or so I thought.

Well, one of my friends decided to go in the afternoon. She asked if I wanted to come, and I'm like NO. I was THINKING about it to see that special person... but, he was in a different group anyways (grade * boys and grade * girls), so it's not like I would see him anyways. Of course if I WAS going to see him, it would've been totally worth it. But turns out it rained in the afternoon, so my friend was SUPER bored the whole time, doing math and hanging out with people she really wasn't fond of. (Plus she was mad at the other friend of ours, she said she'd be there too but she wasn't, FAIL.)

So here's the having-to-get-dressed-part-that-I-really-didn't-wanna-do-until-my-friend-dangled-something-in-front-of-my-face.

I figure she ran home as soon as school let out, because she called me at EXACTLY 3:30! We have this big french project coming up, right? And we really don't have much time because our french teacher is a-..... nvm. So, anyways, she was all like COME OVER YOU PROMISED BLAH BLAH BLAH. And I was like DUDE, it's FRIDAY, not the weekend! So she started dangling GOSSIP in front of my face to get me to come. (And this gossip was a pretty big deal to me, there was this thing going on about who would beat who and who said what, and because she was there, she knew and I didn't. I'd been waiting for the final blow up, too. ;n;) But, that wasn't enough, so I was still like NO. And she KNOWS my weaknesses because she's a JERK. So the very next thing she said, so bluntly and quickly KNOWING it would get me to come, she said "You could see Poop if you come." (poop being the code name for the guy I like). Then I was like "What?" and she repeated it. Then I said "DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY LOVE FOR HIM FOR YOUR OWN GOOD YOU SELFISH LITTLE-... find I'll come." and with that I hung up. That's what happened, and, now, what happened next I STILL don't understand, but, whatever. See, because of what happened yesterday (which made me very happy, something small to some people but big to me, and no he didn't ask me out or anything...), I was thinking about him ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. He was even in my dream! Wait... that's normal, it happens all the time for like OK WHATEVER!!! D:< The point is, something inside of me made me REALLY REALLY wanna see him, and I didn't realize how much I did until I started getting dressed. Like I was doing it so fast I was PANTING. (Then again I'm like the worst un-physical person ever so maybe that doesn't count...) And I got dressed in like 3 minutes, which is pretty fast for me, since it usually take me anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes to get dressed. I ran out, threw my shoes, coat, art bag on, got my DSi and the phone (which I almost dropped in my rush BTW), said bye and ran out the door, running as fast as I could all the way until I got in the school's point of view where I slowed to a very-fast walk, panting like crazy. I don't know, dude, just the thought of me seeing him before the very-long weeked (OK, 2 days is long to ME!!!), and possibly missing him if he left, made me hurry up! I looked to my right, and through the fence, there he was, walking with his friends. A smile automatically apeared on my face, and I looked down with a sigh of releif, because all of that was suddenly worth it. When I entered the line of people walking home (which I had to in order to get to my friend's house), the first person that saw me yelled "REBECCA!!!" and ran towards me and glomped me so hard I almost fell over. I was like "OOF! HI, hi...!" It was Tiana, one of my friends at school. She says I'm her bestest friend in the whole world, so this wasn't un-usual for her (however she's one to lie a lot and then deny it so...). Anyways, I saw his bright coloured spring jacket from the corner of my eye, and sub-consiously shifted so I was more in his point of view... or he was more in mine, not sure which one, but both works. He was walking with one of his friends, and when he saw me he stopped and looking at me and said "Hey, I thought you weren't coming today.", and I said "Oh, I'm going over to Nellana's house to work on the french project.". "Oh... why were you running?" "H-huh?" (I was still panting... stupid me... UGH.) And he just HAD to put on his super cute face while saying this!!! "Why were you running?" "I wasn't running!" "But you're panting..." I stopped panting and kinda figeted a little bit. "Noooooooo I'm noooooot......" "Yes you are." "Um... well..." "Why were you running?" "I... wasn't, I swear!!!" He gives me a look, the one that says he knows me better then that (because he's also one of my best friends, did I tell you?). "Why were you running?" "Beccaaaaauuuuuussseeeeee......... I........ wanted..... to....." Annnnd this was a crappy excuse, because everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, knows that I HATE physical activity. But of course I couldn't say 'Because I really, really, reeeeeaaaaaaallly wanted to see you!!!', so I just left it at that, and he said bye to me with a face that said he KNEW I was lying, but in that kinda joke 'You are SUCH a lier' face. After that, as I walked across the street, I looked back quickly and saw him doing some funny dance for his friends and I started to laugh with this HUGE smile as I walked up my friend's road. (Her house is in front of the school). So I was happy. :) But that's TWICE now that I've almost gotten exposed. Did I tell you guys this story already? Anyways, a few days ago he was jokingly making fun of a wolf I drew for Nellana's CN Tower poster, but I have to admit it DID suck. But after he was like "No, srsly though, I like it, I like the way the tail goes..." and he started tracing the tail shape with his finger on his desk as he looked up at me with that cute face. >//w//< (He's a year younger than me and he looks like a little kid so of course he's cute all the time...) I started to laugh at his cuteness, which I ofter do, and he made that face that said "She's laughing at me again!". "Why are you laughing at me?" "I'm not. *giggle*" "Yes you are!" "Do you know WHY I'm laughing at you?" Of course, this reason was because I liked him so much, but I couldn't tell him that!! "No..." "Good~!" And with that, I walked away, leaving him with an annoyed look on his face. x3 He brought it up again later, but I still didn't tell him why. >u<

OH, RIGHT!!! ...what was I originally talking about? *scrolls up to check* Huh... well, anyways. Holy CRAP he sure gets me going! D=

I wrote so much... ;n;

Well anyways, this took quite a while to type. Too many distractions, including my 4-year old father.... =.=lll I wish my mother was up so he could annoy her instead. ._. She's used to it and doesn't mind all that much. I hate it.

So, I WOULD say that I just came back from her house, but it's been so long now I can't. >w< So yea, we had a very succesful work period, and for the first time we ACTUALLY spent time working the whole time instead of the other way around! YAY! Well, really, after seeing him, I was so happy I didn't care WHAT I was doing! Maybe that's why I was so willing to work. ;) That's it for now I guess... OH, incase I'm not on tommorow, I'm gonna do post some more art. The theme is a secret. ;) Try and guess in the comments! :D


By nayou on DeviantArt

By m00finhead on DeviantArt

By autumncry on DeviantArt

Annnnd since some of you here are probably expecting some Yaoi on my blog (because ya know, it's me...), here ya go. ;)

By Iga-Cherry on DeviantArt
Apparently this couple is from Hetalia (Crack pairing? Me not know...), but since I don't watch Hetalia (but am going to soon... when I finish... and finish... and finsh... UGH...), this doesn't affect me. But if some of you out there totally hate me for it I can see that and am SO sorry... kind of... OK, not really.


Stay anime, and thx for reading~! < 3 3 3
Rebecca < 3

PS-Dudes this is HILARIOUS. It's a 'how to write yaoi' thing and it's SO FUNNY. You know, only if you're into yaoi. If you're not then it's pointless, but if you ARE then READ IT! And btw, it's SUPPOSED to be read as a joke so when he SAYS STUFF DOOOOOON'T get offened, because he doesn't agree with it it's just a joke, and he also thinks rape is horrible. He said so in the description. :]§ion=&global=1&q=First+Love+Yaoi#/d2hskzy

... sorry...

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