You Can't Escape the AWESOME of Anime: Chapters :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chapters :D

AOTD time!! < 3
(Art of the Day)
I don't really have much to write today, so here's a random piece, no specific charecters or games or anything (or at least not ones I know), just something that I thought was pretty. :)

This is so freakin' awesome... I love the eyes and the colours and everything about this piece. ;u; I hope I can one day do stuff like this... (looks back at sleepy plum boy picture on previous post).... wow.... thiiiiis will take a while. D'X
By Namie-kun on DeviantArt
This girl is so freakin' amazing... ;u;

So I just came back from Chapters, and I got a manga book called Ai Ore (Love Me), and it's a series I've never read before. It looks pretty freakin' awesome... it's a romance between a boy who looks like a girl and a girl who looks like a boy and... stuff happens. :D *w* There was a few other books that this book was tied with, but in the end I decided on this one. Like there was one where this guy got sucked into a magical world somehow and he was king there, it was a new species or something, and he was engaged to a man. @.@ My curiosity was like an itch that wouldn't go away... for about 5 seconds. xD; Since I bought a Yaoi/Shonen-Ai manga last time I didn't feel the urge to get this one. :/ And there were some other ones, like I was thinking of getting a Pandora Hearts, Fruits Basket, Black Butler (but the corner was bent ;n;), and... other stuff. ^w^ So all in all it was a good trip. :D

Yah, that was the highlight of my day. ._.lll Oh and some people at school, act like they're so into anime but I'm starting to think that they watch a few episodes and then make a big fuss about it because they think it's cool. e_e' Like, the anime ppl at my school, they talk about it and stuff and they're happy and everything, and that's when you can tell that they really enjoy it, right? These kids make a HUGE fuss about it and have private jokes about anime stuff and then when ppl see them giggling, they say IT'S FROM AN ANIME and then they feel special. ._. I have no idea why they got into it, maybe just for attention... I guess they thought liking anime and making a big fuss about it is cool now...? e_e Dude it's just for fun, NOT for popularity... >.> THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT DOKI MEANS. Srsly. Like SRSLY. And ALL THEY WATCH IS MAGICAL GIRL ANIMES. GAH it's so stupid. Anyways... and it's so sad when after like 40 episodes they STILL don't know their names. Like I'm terrible with names it takes me forever to learn them, and for them it takes how long...???? Holy shiz man... >.>'

So today we had some ppl from good health fitness crap at our school. The first part was a physical thing, like a relee and obstical course, and the second part was interesting. This girl did this whole long whoop-de-doo speech about her life and how she became the 17th fastest girl in the world or something. Wutever. It was pretty cool and inspiring actually, but all I gotta say (or all I leanred from that) is that she has THE BEST HAIR EVER. Like srsly IT'S SO PRETTY. And holy darn she's TAAAAALL. (6 feet!!!) Daaaarn.... @.@

SO, that's it for now I guess. Currently listening to... *looks at closed DSi* ...It Ends Tonight, I think it's by The All American Rejects. :D

Stay Anime~!
Rebi < 33333

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