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Monday, May 2, 2011

Art of the Day_Plus

No theme today. ;)
A random piece of art that greatly potrays Link from The Legend of Zelda~ :D

By budgie on DeviantArt
Wow, what an amazing artist. ;u;

And here's a picture I finished last night. It's my OC Plum Boy (not his real name, don't worry x3) waking up in the morning laying on the grass in the forest. I scene from episode 3. It was drawn in my sketchbook then outlined and coloured digitally. I'm thinking of whether I should paint the original in my sketch book or not... :/

Holy shiz it looks so stupid. D: It's all pixely and not smooth like it was when I was working on it. D:< STUPID. Well I can't wait 'till I get a tablet, then I'll be able to create MUCH better then this. ^W^ CAN'T WAIT!!! <3
I want one so bad... ;n;
If you have one I envy you. -.-


OK, so the plus was... I think I'll write a little bit about me for today. So, right now I have the song Fifth Finger by IU stuck in my head... URL to song V
It's playing on my DSi. :3
*sigh* What a day. :/ Every day lately has been complicated, happy, and so depressing all at the same time. Well, I guess that's love for ya. *shrugs* So, when I came back from school I went to one of my friend's houses. Her boyfriend was over, we had fun. >:] LOL jk, but her boyfriend was there (and we did have fun, but not like that). Anyways, after he left, they made me dinner. It was french fries and icecream with berries. Nom nom >w< I felt bad for taking their food though. They had to make mine seperate, they said they didn't think I would like what they were having for dinner, they kept on saying cultural food, cultural food. xD It's funny because I love that kinda stuff, but, wutever floats ur boat. Anyways, after that I tagged along with her and her mother, they were getting their eyebrows done, and might I add with a technique I've never seen before. It was in a lady's house, I guess her own little buisness, across the street. She used a string, and that somehow cut the hairs. She had to move her head up and down while holding the string in her mouth, and the way she was doing it, she reminded me of a chicken. xD (Mean, lol I know~ xD)

So I came back, started my laundry and here I am. I wore my pajama pants to school today, ya know? ^w^ I told everyone it was because I was lazy, but honestly, I ran out of pants. ;u; My bad... >.>

...I don't even know what to put here about him. I called him about 20 minutes ago... he never answered... it's OK, though. He said he never uses his phone, the call I gave him today was probably like only his 5th out of all history. xD; So it was probably off, or he was out. But I finally got the courage to call him and he doesn't answer. D: The only other time that I called him was about a month ago at another friend's house, and he was doing chores so it was kinda like...
"Oh, hi Rebecca. What's up?"
"O_O Em... well I'm over at Nellana's house. ^w^ We're just hanging and were bored sooooo... weeee decided to caaaall you! ^U^"
"Oh, well OK."
"So... wutcha doing?"
"Oh, actually I gotta go right now, I gotta finish my chores."
"Oh... Ok then, later."
"Awww shucks... ;n;"

AND THAT WAS IT. *sigh* That's not how it went word for word, but that's basically what was said. It was the first time I heard his voice on the phone and holy crap on the phone it's DEEP. ;u; I love his voice on the phone. >//w//<

*ahem* Sooooooo... anyways........ >.>
That's it for now I guess. ^^
Wishing he knew... but at the same time not really... ;n;

Stay anime~!
Rebecca <3

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