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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Mix of Things (html, manga anime so on and so forth)

So it turns out that the music isn't working for some people. You know, that music that plays in the background when you go on my blog? It works for me, it takes about 5 seconds to load. What do you guys think, can you hear it? Why can't some other people hear it but I can? It makes no sense. D: Maybe the site that the music file is uploaded on is just slow... I hope that's all it is, because I have no idea how to fix the Html so it will work for EVERYONE. I didn't think that it was possible to suit it to just one computer, but I guess it is. :/

Well enough about that. I finished the manga book I bought yesterday, Seven Days this morning. It was gewd :3 A cute romance story~ However, apparently there IS a second volume, and it comes out August 24th. ...HOW CAN I WAIT THAT LONG?! NO. YOU FREAKIN' JERKS. D:<~~~~ UGH wutever. I guess I'll have to satisfy myself with more manga. *w* I have a few series I gotta finish, like Shugo Chara, I have no idea when the 10th volume will be out. I gotta get the rest of the LOZ manga as well, I just need one more. I also gotta get Fruits Basket, Lucky Star, Naruto, Inuyasha, Loveless, so on and so forth. What manga do you guys like to read?

OK, enough about that as well. I kinda feel like doing some more Html. I mean, there's nothing I can do about the music except for take it off, and that wouldn't be good either. :/ This site,, has a bunch of stuff you can do to your blog. That's how I got my background up. So I'm going to browse through there and see if there's anything else that interests me. Maybe borders? A guestbook? Idk. Oh and I also REALLY gotta get something to eat. My stomach hurts but I'm way too lazy... =_=lll

Soooooooooo... what animes do you guys like to watch? The ones that I'm watching right now... well, here's my list (not too big... I know, I'm a fail).

Yumeiro Patissiere (re-watching)
Yosuga no Sora (SO FREAKIN' STUPID but just to add it to my list, ya kno? :/)
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama (slooowly progressing... -_-)
Chibi Vampire (watching with someone else)
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (OMG NEW EP?! WHERE?! *sniffs*)
Junjo Romantica 2 (at like the 3rd episode or something, watching on
Gosick (LOVE this anime, so cute and interesting :D)
Astarotte no Omocha! [Astarotte's toy] (Uuuuggggh... this anime is SO preverted but it's like super cute... what to do what to do...)

OK so there ya have it. :D That's my current watching list. So today... which should we talk about today? OH, how 'bout Astartotte no Omocha!, because it's the most recent one out of the list? :)?

So, it's basically about this magical world, that's connected to the human world by some magical tree or wutever. In the magical world, there's a princess who doesn't like to except her... um... fate. Here's the preverted part. Just like vampires have to suck blood, this type of certain species that the princess is has to suck... um... "The Life Seed (or something like that)" out of males. o_o Now, apparently the life's see or wutever is an ancient term for semen, however they also said that the princess can suck it from the guy's mouth... now unless the guy like vomits semen or um... yah, you know, I have no idea how this works. Maybe there's something I'm missing on the whole 'sex ed' thing. But that's the preverted part. The CUTE part is 1), the drawings, and 2), the guy wants to do anything he can to please the princess, and there's like this romancy feel in the air. >w> How cute >w< OH, how did the guy get there? Right right, so if they don't suck 'the life seed' then they'll die, right? But the princess doesn't want to do it, because she hates guys, because of a bad expeirience when she was little... (saw her mom doing it to some other guy and they've grown apart ever since blah blah blah) So the tree that connects the Human world and the Magical world has been idk broken for years or something, and nobody has seen a human in ages, so the princess is all like "Get me a human male and then we'll talk" thinking that they won't be able to get one. Buuut sure enough that stupid tree somehow gets working again and here comes a human male! And he's been assigned his duties as um... letting the princess suck on him... e_e but of course she doesn't wanna do it blah blah blah, and he wants to do anything to make her happy. I guess he's taken a liking to her. He cares for her, how sweet. ;u; BUT FREAKIN' PREVERTED. Ugh. Well you guys can start watching it if you want, lemme know what you think, idk. I'm watching it on Crunchy Roll, as far as I know it's not being uploaded anywhere else, like dude not even YouTube. But I haven't checked in a lil' bit so maybe it is now, idk, check. Here's some picture if ya wanna see. :D

So this is the princess (on the left), the boy (on the right), and his little sister below. She what I mean by cute? The drawing style is adorable, and I love the look of the boy (so sorry can't remember names right now), he's adorable, with his blue hair and eyes... how cute. >w<

So incase you can't read it what he's saying is "Is there something on my face?" because the girl's like staring at him. So this is when the boy first meets the girl that has to get the human male for the princess. This is in the human world, just letting you know. She like falls or whatever so he's helping her up, and yah. Oh and did you know his sister isn't wearing underwear? Holy crap I get she's 4 but she's going to school and the dress is so short! Do you smell that? Yep, it's a baby soon-to-be hoe. xD; Yah rude term wutever, just a joke.

so this is when the Princess and the boy first meet each other, do you SEE the sparks?! How cute!!! >w< <3 <3 <3

Don't you LOVE her tail?! Holy crap I just LOVE her tail, it's the most adorable thing EVER!!! <3 <3 <3 (Oh and she and a bunch of the other girls were in a hot spring, hence why she's naked in water).

So yah if it interests you, you can check it out. :D

So that's it for now.
Stay anime!

PS-I now have a total of 35 manga books. I feel special. :]

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