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Friday, April 29, 2011


So, what do you guys think of the new look? Ya like? ;D
I am learning Html~
I feel so smarticle. ;u; So anyways, I changed the picture in the background and stuff and also My Sanctuary from KH is playing in the background. :D Soooo...
Today I went to Chapters and bought one new manga book. The book is called Seven Days... it says that it's Yaoi but it's only Shonen-ai... >.> Just saying. o_o
I can't find it online, I'm sorry. :/ Um, I guess that's all for today, I'm so sorry my blog is boring. xD; I have no idea how to make it interesting. o_o Like what should I talk about that will make people WANT to read it? My life it boring. D: Well no matter, I guess this place is just somewhere I can vent... whether you choose to read it or not is not my problem. Ugh... and the guy in my class... I'm starting to srsly like... I feel like I'm dead inside, lifeless, no soul because of HIM. We're best friends, and I really really like him (I have for quite a few months now) and he dosen't even know. All this waiting is killing me. And I'm going to high school soon! He's a year younger then me, so I'll have to leave him! I things I give up for my education... *sighs* And my friends say that he might like me. I don't beleive them. ._. I'm feeling better though, I mean, I was even worse before I went out and got my manga... it's kinda cheered me up a lil', I've been wanting to get a new one for a while now. And I'll try to update a lot more now, so you can ignore anything that's below the post with my DA account, it's all kinda old stuff... oh right and I gotta go credit those two pictures I used for this blog, plus finish my L x DL fan fiction. Any of you wanna read it? :/? Well here's a link to the first chapter, just in case...

Oh and here's a link to my ugly self's graduation picture...

Hey, what do you guys think of the anime Gosick?! I LOVE IT. Gosh it's awesome, and I love Kujo. ;u; He's so adorable. >W<

Well, anyways, I gotta go get my frozen dinner now that's been in the microwave for like 10 minutes, it keeps on beeping (annoying). I think I'm getting a headache...

Stay anime! >:O

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