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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It worked out~

So my friend's blog turned out pretty OK. So, the link to it is in the previous blog post, but if you're too lazy here it is...

So another friend came to the house me and my friend are hanging out at. We're having fun and gossiping of all the haters at school. :] Haters can't bring us down >:D
So anyways, idk what to talk about here, just an update that everything turned out OK. Annnnd yah. Sorry this post and the post before it is kinda boring. Just asking for help and stuff. The latest post with anime in it is before this one and the one before it and... OH WUTEVER.

So my friend is happy because she just found out that she's fatter then my other friend, and they're both like freakin' sticks, so this pleased her very much. I wish that I could switch bodies with them. I'd rather be their skinny selfs then my freakin' fat-butt self. And they tell me I'm beautiful, but they're LYING. To me anyways I don't beleive them. ._.lll

And I REALLY wanna talk to him right now but I can't because he's at his Uncle's house right now and having a terrible time. :'( I was supposed to tell him something on Friday (yesterday) but one of his friends was walking with us (like he always does) and I couldn't get a minute alone with him. IT'S ABOUT TIME HE NOTICED THAT I WAS SAD. But how to tell him that it's about him? HELP ME. D'X

OK my friend is yelling at me right now because I'm wasting her laptop battery. >:D It's her fault because she's the one who un-plugged it and brought it over here! HAH. D:< So anyways... she says that I like to narrate my life. It's true because everytime something happens I just HAVE to write about it online (I used to use FB for this but I have found a new love for Twitter so that is now what I use).


Stay anime ;D

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