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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art of the day?

I decided that I should start doing an art-of-the-day thing. So today's theme is The Legend of Zelda (crack pairings). :D

So, let's start with something cute. x3

By kiyoichi on DeviantArt~
Crack Pairing shown here-Link+Linebeck (not my fave pairing :/)

Now something funny...

By Darkninja-chan on DeviantArt~
Crack Pairing shown here-Dark Link+Vaati (xD)

Hmm, maybe something a little... romantic? owo

My fave LOZ (Legend of Zelda) pairing~<3
By AikaXx on DeviantArt~
Crack Pairing shown here-Link+Dark Link

And now for something I did! :D (Even though it's not of a crack pairing, I'm so sorry. ;n;)

It's a Linky Papercraft. :D <3 See you hold the edge of his lifted tunic and it looks like you're holding him and he's squirming under your finger. :D It's not as good as the other pictures though... well, wutever! ;D

Soooo I guess that's it for now. ;) I think that my next theme will be AkuRoku~

Stay anime!

PS-I don't know why all of these pictures are in full size, I made it so it should be at a smaller size... ugh I'm sorry. ;n;

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