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Friday, August 6, 2010

Work in progress...

Hi guys. It's me. Of course. Who else? ... so. Well. Where to begin. Let's start from the beginning. Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to be an author. Actually, to be more exact, a librarian. I loved the idea of being in an old abandoned library, full of books, and the smell of all of them. Yes, the smell. When the pages are yellowed, when it's full of dust, when there's so much history to that book... and then the smell of the old book shelves from like 1930... I love it all. Yes, I always imagined that I would be running a very old or abandoned library... that's what I wanted to do. I loved reading, and still do, but it's long overdue. I haven't read in quite a while. But we're already getting to the present now. Let's see about 6 or 7 months ago, I posted a online book review on YouTube about the book The Secret Garden. At first I thought it was really stupid... and I was thinking of deleting it. But boy am I sure glad I didn't. A lady starting up her own publishing company found me. What luck huh? She loved my review so much that she had asked me to be the company's reviewer. In other words she would send me [free] copies of the books that were published them, I read them, post a review online, and I get to keep the book afterwards. It's win win win. I mean, her books get good reviews, I get a jump start as an author, and I get freebies! How awesome is that? If your curious the name of the publishing company is Brighter Books Publishing House. Awesome right? I should get the first book by December, I can hardly wait! So about one month ago, I wanted to start writing a book. The lady running the publishing company said that if I wrote a good book she'd publish it. YAY! So I wanted to write my own collection of short stories. I started writing one but little did I know it was anything but a short story. It grew into a full length novel. It is not yet finished, I'm about half way there, I think, maybe a little longer to go. And it's really good so far, I love it. But I haven't written anything recently, so for now that story is being set aside while I clear my mind about it and work back on my Short Story book. Lemme explain. The story has taken an unexpected (even by me) twist, and it's hard to go on from here. I don't know that much how to write this kind of story... no hint as to what kind it is, but anyways, it's just not my thing. But I did read a lot of books from the genre as a kid, but... I'm slightly confused as how to tie in the two genres I'm working with and yet still make it... awesome. Am I losing you here? Well I already lost myself 5 sentences ago, your doing better then me. So I've kind of found a bump in the road, and until I build up the strength I need to climb over it, I'm just gonna leave the bump for now and travel on a new road. So yea I decided to start working again on the collection of short stories book. My only fear is that it will become another novel, and I'm perfectly happy working on the one I've got, thank you very much. But anyways, I guess that's all I really have to say, just letting you know that I'm gonna be writing again, if you didn't already know I liked to write. So yea. I guess that's it. If I think of anything that I missed I will surely edit this post. So yea, later!

PS-I can however give you some of the titles I was considering for my novel...
A Pianist's Love Dream
A Pianist's Love Story
How Things Went So Wrong, So Fast
The Complicated Story of Marion's Career

I don't know, some of these I JUST came up with as I was typing this. Like any of them? What sounds the most interesting to you? Hmm? I'd love to have your opinion... if more people start following me. :(


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  1. I think you should write the story first and then come up with a title, I mean thats what I would do. P.S I LUV UR BLOG ^_^
    ~ Aamena