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Friday, December 31, 2010

Memories-Prolouge and shtuffz....

Miranda slowly brushed her fingers along the porcelain doll's face, admireing every single small feature, it's texture, and the colours. The doll's smooth blond hair was covered in a layer of dust, as she had owned it for many years. Miranda knew this doll like the back of her own hand. She smiled at her beautiful face, and looked deep into her navy blue eyes, remembering all the memories that the doll brought back to mind...

*flashback :)*

The wet grass brushed playfully against the young girl's bare feet and ankles, as she ran around her yard, her pink checkered dress flowing in the breeze around her knees, while her shoulder-length hair mimicked it. The air was filled with her constant, soft giggles, and the scent of blooming flowers, followed by the noise of buzzing bees. She suddenly stopped, looking around the small little yard that she was in behind her two-story house, snuggled comfortable in between many others exactly like hers. She smiled at the flowers, as the breeze calmed down and her hair seemed to relax and lower slowly, framing her face gently. She noticed a flicker in the corner of her eye. She turned her head swiftly to another bed of flowers, and there sitting on top of a purple pansie lay a beautiful bright and vibrant blue butterfly. Her smile grew wider and her eyes sparkled as she stared at it's beauty. She started to run towards it, laughing the whole way, until she tripped on small wet rock hidden between some blades of grass, a few feet in front of the butterfly. Her body made a 'pmf' sound as it hit the wet grass below her softly. She started to laugh into the wet grass. She sat up, and looked up at the sky, seeing a glimpse of the butterfly's beautiful wings as it flew away. "Goodbye, Mister Butterfwi!" She said happily, waving goodbye.

Suddenly she heard a big crash, followed by a loud, ear-piercing yelp. Her smile fell from her face, as she stood up and looked at the porch door. The silence followed afterward was not a good sign. The terrible, terrible silence. She was afraid of going inside, afraid of finding something she didn't want to. She didn't like the sound of the yelp. Her heart started beating faster as she felt the adreneline pump through her body. Her breath quickened. She knew something bad had happened. Something she didn't want to happen.

She suddenly darted to the door, her soft little feet almost slipping with each step because of the wet, slippery grass. She got a firm hold of the handle on the wooden, big porch door and started to pull as hard as she could. It's quite heavy for a 6 year old, you know. Once it was open just enough for her to squeeze through, she let go and darted through the gap, before the spring on the door caused it to shut again.

OK OK this wuzn't really spell checked or anything... wutever though. D: This is a story I thought I might write, not sure if it's good or not. :)
...yea it's late I kno. :<
So do any of u kno Vocaloid? Ahhh I luvs it. xD
And my stupid teacher likes to drown me and my class in homework, wut a jerk...
*looks at posts*
Wow I actually got comments? @_@???
That's the first! xD
Not sure how to respond to them though...
So I can't even watch anime. Like I'm totally serious here.
IT BUGS ME. *dies*
It's becuz of my netbook, you know the really small laptops?
(BTW I wanna add 'Black Butler' to my to watch list. Ahhhhhhh >w< it loooks so awesome...)
Anyways I can't becuz of the cord, it broke... no longer charges, it's dead. ._.lll
So I have to use my father's slow and has-lots-of-viruses-and-it's-old laptop...
It's huuuuuge....
And I don't like watching anime when I'm not alone, I can never do it in peace...
_ _lll
So anyways I've haven't been able to really watch anything...
Drawing and reading manga has kept me slightly sane.
OH and I realized I don't have a 'what im currently watching' list so I'll make it nao.

Yumeiro Patissiere
Yosuga no Sora

Wow it's SOOOO LONG. oh yea and maid-sama but I haven't really gotten past the 3rd episode that's when the cord kinda broke... x______x
I know.
I'm boring.
So if I cud kno how to respond to the comments that'd be great...... x_____X'' <-wow I use that face a lot...
Right now I'm reading Furuba (HAHA Fruits Basket)... and maaaaaaan I luv Shugo Chara. <3333
Wutever that's it for now, it's not organized very well, the info, is it? D:
I'm so lazy........ Dx

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