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Monday, October 4, 2010

We woooon!!!

So today I went to a baseball game at our school. I was with all my besties and it was SOOO fun. :3 Chaa~ x3 So guess what? WE WON!!! >U< And it was raining though... but anyways, after wards, see one of the guys on the team is my friend and I know his mother and I she made CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES for the WHOLE team!!! But I'm not on the team. :( But then I helped clean up afterwards and the coach didn't want his cupcake SO I GOT HIS! YAY! So anyways just a normal school day... >U<

Anyways while I'm here talking about... nonsense, you guys like anime? Because I LUVS IT!
The shows that I have finished are...
-White Album
-Time of Eve
-Shugo Chara
-Physchic Academy

And the shows I PLAN to watch are...
-Ouran Ouran Host High School Club or something like that...
-Naruto (maybe)
-Fruits Basket
-FMA (Full Metal Alchemist)
-Ummm... HOLD ON THERE'S MORE... gotta think of them...
-Maid Sama
-Vampire Night
-Angel Beats
-Death Note
-Sailor Moon
-DN Angel

UUUUGH what a LONG list.
And the ones that I am currently watching are
-Yumeiro Patissiere

Seriously that's it, because Yumeiro Patissiere is the ONLY one that I have watched (and still am) that wasn't finished. All the animes I watch are already finished... anyways, have got to get working on that list UUUUGH!!! -_____-lll


So ummmm yea I guess that's it. Still haven't gone on TinierMe in a while. I'm on DeviantART
quite a lot. I have an account there desu~ :3
Have I already told you guys that...? Well anyways, I do, so please check it out. :)

I'm trying to get into an art focused high school where half the day is heart, so in other words PURE HEAVEN!!! Been practicing and working on my Portfolio. :) But the other day a picture that I had spent two days on got WRECKED by one of the dogs ripping it UGH. -_-lll
Been trying to fix it... and I had just finished it too... D: So every lunch me and a friend (who's trying to get into the school too) go and practice art outside. :3 Fun fun~~~ So wish me luck!
:la: <-LOL haha jk. xD


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